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Elective activities provide campers with the opportunity to specialise in activities that they are interested in developing their skills and talent in. Campers choose 2 electives per week and choices are made at the time of registration.

Each elective activity is 1.5 hours per day and take place each morning (approximately 7.5 hours per week). 

  • Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing arts is the perfect elective for the budding performer or aspiring actor/actress!
  • Dance Dance Camp Indy's dance elective will give campers the opportunity to learn new dances and show off their talent to others!
  • Art Art From trying a crazy craft project to painting a mural; our Art elective is the perfect elective to show off your creative skills.
  • Creative Superstar Creative Superstar Creative Superstar is a chance to try everything creative from crafts to baking, t-shirt design to comic books & everything in between
  • Action & Adventure Action & Adventure Get ready to try something new from film-making to superhero training, fire building, exploring the outdoors to exploding science experiments.
  • Football Football Our football elective will develop player's skills and confidence - through drills, competitive games and individual coaching.
  • Sports Sports Our sports elective will give campers the chance to take part in a mix of British and international sports.