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Special Events

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Afternoon all-camp activities bring everyone together for Camp-wide special events. From Campfires to talent shows and colour competitions, to Hawaiian luaus and carnivals, our special events are often the highlight of the summer!

  • Colour Wars Colour Wars A highlight of the summer and always a favourite with campers!! Our colour wars are full of challenges, competition, singing and camaraderie.
  • Carnivals Carnivals Themed carnivals are a huge hit for campers and staff! They bring all of Camp together for an afternoon of music, challenges, stalls, dressing up, snacks, themes and fun galore!
  • Dance Dances Dances are a great way to show-off your latest dance move or just hang out with friends!
  • Hawaiian Luaus Hawaiian Luaus Hawaiian Luaus arealways a fun and chilled-out afternoon at Camp Indy! We will have music, stalls, games, face-painting and themes to create a fun-filled afternoon at Camp.
  • Campfires Campfires A traditional part of Camp Indy! We bring all of Camp together for songs, skits and s'mores - a perfect way to end your week at Camp Indy.
  • All Girls / All Boys Activity All Girls / All Boys Activity A perfect time to do activities split by gender; all the boys are together, as are all the girls.
  • Talent Shows Talent Shows Talent shows are a time for all of Camp to come together and show off their talents (or non-talents!). Campers can take part in groups or as individuals to showcase their talents.
  • Quiz Shows Quiz Shows Campers are split into teams to compete against other teams to win prizes. Full of challenges, games and huge amounts of laughter, quiz shows are a great way to bond with friends and win a prize or two.
  • Capture the Flag Capture the Flag An epic activity at Camp Indy. A game of speed, agility and quick-thinking, Capture the Flag gives campers the opportunity to gain legendary status with their team mates by capturing the flag for their team.