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How to Apply & Assessment Process

How to Apply & Assessment Process

Application Process:

To apply for a role at Camp Indy for summer 2021, apply by clicking the below link and answering all the questions.

Please note, this will take approximately 30-40 minutes.

Covid-19 Update for 2021

We are confident that Camp Indy will be able to run for April and Summer 2021. There may be some Covid changes to the programme and will communicate these during staff training.

International Applicants

Unfortunately, we are not set up to hire staff who do not currently have the legal right to work in the UK. We are unable to assist with visa applications.

***Apply Now For 2021***

Assessment Process

Due to COVID, our assessment process is now fully online.

Step 1: Online Written Application 

Step 2: Skype Introduction Interview 1 (approximately 15 minutes) 

Step 3: Skype Interview 2 (approximately 45 - 60 minutes)

Presentation for Skype Interview 2:

Elective Presentation

Each counsellor at Camp Indy teaches 1-2 elective activities:

  • Art
  • Creative Superstar 
  • Action & Adventure
  • Sports
  • Football
  • Performing Arts
  • Dance

Please prepare a 10-minute presentation on the elective you have the most skill in teaching. Please comment on:

  • Your experience in teaching the elective
  • What you will teach
  • How you will teach it