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How to Apply & Assessment Process

How to Apply & Assessment Process

Application Process:

To apply for a role at Camp Indy for 2020, apply by clicking the below link and answering all the questions.

Please note, this will take approximately 30-40 minutes.

International Applicants

Unfortunately, we are not set up to hire staff from outside the Europen Union who do not already hold a valid EU visa or dual EU nationality. We are unable to assist with visa applications.

***Apply Now For 2020***

Assessment Process

Our assessments are a relaxed affair; we make sure there is lots of fun, games and laughter.

We are looking for staff that are caring, confident, good communicators, responsible and fantastic role models for children and young people. The assessments give us a chance to see how you facilitate activities and how you interact with others.

2020 Assessment Dates

Date Time Location
Saturday February 29th, 2020 1pm - 4.30pm Kelvinside Academy, 33 Kirklee Rd, Glasgow G12 0SW
Saturday March 28th, 2020 1pm - 4.30pm Kelvinside Academy, 33 Kirklee Rd, Glasgow G12 0SW
Saturday April 25th, 2020 1pm - 4.30pm Kelvinside Academy, 33 Kirklee Rd, Glasgow G12 0SW

 Assessment Details

  • There will be three activities at the assessment, with the first two requiring some preparation
  • Dress Code: Casual
Activity 1: Team Building/Ice Breaker Games
Preparation Required:
  • You will be required to prepare 2 team building/ice breaker games and be prepared to run/facilitate them for the group (other applicants).
  • These games should be activities appropriate for children aged 7 - 14
  • Each applicant will take it in turns to run their games for the group.
  • Each game should last between 3 - 5 minutes for a group of 6-10 people.
Activity 2: Elective Presentation
Preparation Required:
Each counsellor at Camp Indy teaches at least one elective activity
Information regarding our elective activities can be found here:
You will be required to prepare a 5 minute presentation on the elective you have the most skill in teaching. Please comment on:
  • Your experience in teaching the elective
  • What you will teach
  • How you will teach it
  • Briefly mention other electives you can teach
There will be no access to computers/projectors so please prepare accordingly.
Due to time constraints, presentations that go over 5 minutes will be cut short. Please be as creative as you like!