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Why Summer Camp Matters

Why Summer Camp Matters

We believe that Summer Camp matters. Why? Because we believe we have the perfect opportunity to have a positive influence on the lives of the children with whom we work. 

Everything we do here at Camp Indy - every activity we lead, every policy we apply, every decision we make - is guided by the firm belief that we are responsible for the children who we lead. We are responsible for showing them how to be trust-worthy, understanding, empathetic and  respectful members of the community while providing them with a fun and safe camp experience.

Parenting has always had its challenges, but in today’s world of instantaneous social media updates, technology overload, and rapidly diminishing face-to-face interactions, being an engaged parent striving to raise trusting, independent children, has proven an increasingly difficult task. Which is why, more than ever, summer camp matters.

In a time when children spend an average of seven hours a day looking at various computer and television screens, Camp offers an opportunity for genuine face-to-face socialization with both peers and positive young-adult role models. In an era of disappearing communities, internet fears and general mistrust, Camp provides the perfect place to learn new skills, make strong friendships and have fun, all within a safe and structured environment.

We founded Camp Indy because we truly love summer camp and believe in the positive impact it can have on children’s development. 

Donna & Hiran - Camp Indy Directors