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Aims and Objectives

Camp Indy Aims and Objectives

Camp Indy aims to provide high-quality care for children during school holidays where children are safe, create positive relationships, be happy and have fun and develop important life-skills. We will aim to create an equal opportunity and supportive environment for staff. 

Create Positive Relationships:

Children at Camp Indy will create new relationships with other children and build on current relationships:

  • Staff will be trained to facilitate friendships - introducing children and facilitating relationships by creating shared experiences and find out shared interests.
  • Children will be placed in camp groups of children of similar age for part of their time at Camp. These constant groups aim to create strong relationships between the children.
  • Staff will promote appropriate behaviour in different situations and how to manage their feelings.  

Be Happy and Have Fun:

Children at Camp Indy will be in an environment where they can be imaginative, try new activities, be creative, have fun and be themselves:

  • Staff will be trained on creating a fun, creative, imaginitive environment (where appropriate)
  • Children will get opportunities to dance, sing and dress-up in costumes (if they wish during the camp dance, singing at the end of lunch and during special events)
  • Staff will promote the development of sense of humour and laughing in the children.
  • Children will take part in fun activities with freedom to be imaginative for example talent shows, dances, skits during flagpole and carnivals.
  • Children will get the chance to try new activities on a daily basis within their camp groups and during special events.
  • Children will be valued as individuals with their own special unique interests and abilities.
  • A growing sense of wellbeing, happiness and confidence in each child

Develop Life-Skills:

Children at Camp Indy will get the chance to develop life-skills such as independence, confidence, resilience and kindness. 

  • Children will be offered a full day of care at Camp Indy to promote independence (8am - 5.30pm) with the minimum amount of time per day being 9am - 3.30pm.
  • Children will get the chance to choose activities they wish to do during morning elective time
  • Children will be offered the chance to perform/talk in front of the larger group (up to 80-90 children) during talent shows, campfires and singing at the end of lunch.
  • Children will be taught resilience and grit through trying new and challenging activities, being encouraged to keep trying by our staff as well as through praise 
  • Caring and kindness will be promoted through highlighting kind and caring behaviour, hiring staff that show kindness through the staff application process and creating a kind, caring and nurturing environment 
  • In the the Camp Indy environment, there will be freedom to express feelings, ideas and beliefs within a supportive environment  
  • Children will get the opportunity to play outside in the playground and on the sports field throughout the day
  • Development of expressive arts and design through music, dance, drama, role play, arts and crafts
  • Development of physical skills through sports, dance and building projects such as den building


The safety and wellbeing of our children is of paramount importance:

Staff Safety

Our staff are experienced youth workers who have a significant amount of experience working with children and young people. They are mature, responsible, approachable and love working with kids.

  • Staff to child ratio in line with guidelines
  • Staff hiring - our application process includes a group interview where we meet the applicants and see how they interact with others.
  • Background check - every staff member is fully PVG checked.
  • References - every staff member gets two reference checks.
  • Training - We have a thorough staff training process which covers safeguarding, challenging behaviour, conflict resolution, learning games, emergency procedures and Camp Indy's philosophy and expectations.


We take a precautionary approach to all health matters. We will ensure all activities are fully risk assessed and in case of any uncertainty, injury or illness - our first port of call is to always call the parents

  • First aid staff (paediatric first aid) are on-site at all times. Staff are trained on where the nearest doctors and hospitals are in case of an emergency
  • We will have basic first aid supplies on-site in case of any minor cuts and bruises

Risk Assessments

  • All of our activities at Camp Indy are fully risk assessed
  • Staff are trained on assessing risks and ensuring campers are kept safe at all times

Emergency Procedures

  • Camp Indy has a thorough emergency procedures policy 
  • All staff are fully trained in emergency procedures during staff training


The safeguarding of children and teenagers is of paramount concern to the International Summer Camp UK. We have thorough safeguarding procedures to ensure children are kept safe at all times and staff are fully trained on them during staff training.