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Camp Indy is a family business. Hiran and Donna are the founders and directors of the International Summer Camp UK - Camp Cooper & Camp Indy. Together with Jen, as the Programme Manager, we run Camp Indy.  

We firmly believe our summer camps have a positive impact on children and young people through trying new activities, being led by positive role models, being immersed in a positive and creative environment and having lots of fun and laughter.

Here's the story of how Camp Cooper & Camp Indy started:

Our First Taste of Summer at Camp

Even though we grew up on opposite sides of the country, our stories were the same. As we graduated high school we both embarked on our first big adventure - heading to the United States for a summer at Camp as counsellors. We both arrived at the same special summer camp on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We loved it! We kept returning to Camp summer after summer and held many roles including Camp Counsellor, Team Leader and Boating Director

After we both graduated University, we were given the opportunity to stay on at Camp as outdoor education instructors for 18 months. This led to our first full-time roles; Hiran as the Camp Director for the boy's summer camp and Donna as the Assistant Director & Teen Director of the Girl's Camp. We spent 5 special years living and working at Camp - learning how to set up and run a fantastic programme for children.

Setting up our own Summer Camps!

After 5 amazing years it was time to come home to the UK. We worked at different youth programmes and soon realised they missed the unique magic and spirit that is created at Camp.

So after a long period of discussion, brainstorming and planning - we set up our own overnight summer camp in Crieff called Camp Cooper and Camp Indy, a unique summer day camp for children aged 5 - 14. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss sending your child to Camp Indy, we are happy to chat to you! You can email us on:, or Alternatively, you can call us on 03333 44 00 77.

  • Jen McGuire (Programme Manager) Jen McGuire (Programme Manager) Whether it's your child's first time at Camp or they have been to Camp Indy before, we will make sure they have the best time possible at Camp Indy. Contact me at
  • Donna McGuire-Silva (Director) Donna McGuire-Silva (Director) I have 15 years experience working at summer camp and was the Assistant Director of an amazing summer camp in America. I love exploring new places, outdoor sports especially water activities, crafts, chocolate, eating tasty food, playing wtih our dog Cooper and spending time with family and friends. - Contact me at
  • Hiran Silva (Director) Hiran Silva (Director) I have over 10 years experience working at summer camps and I was the Director of a fantastic summer camp in America for 5 years. I love football, cinema trips, photography, painting, throwing a ball for Cooper and new challenges! - Contact me at
  • Aims and Objectives Camp Indy aims to provide high-quality activities for children during school holidays where children are safe, create positive relationships, be happy and have fun and develop important life-skills.