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A traditional part of Camp Indy! We bring all of Camp together for songs, skits and performances - a perfect way to end your week at Camp Indy.

One of the best traditions at Camp Indy's campfires is getting to have a s'more!

What is a s'more?

A wonderful roasted marshmallow & melted chocolate, sandwiched between two biscuits

When do you eat them?

With friends around the campfire

Why are they sooooo good?

Because they are scrumptious! Biscuit, marshmmallow and chocolate - what's not to love?!

How do you make a s'more?

Slowly roast the marshmallow on a stick. Leave a little bit of chololate on top of a biscuit near the fire to slowly melt. When the marshmallow is ready, put it on the chocolate and squueze it between the biscuits. It will then ooze and melt the chocolate, ready to enjoy! mmmmm....